T he process of letting a property has never been more complex with layers of compliance and regulation that didn’t previously exist. It is for that reason that we see many new landlords opting for our Fully Managed service, which passes the responsibility of day-to-day management to us. For those experienced landlords familiar with the latest legislation we do also have a Let Only service which allows you to take the reins once a suitable tenant has been sourced.

Our breadth of experience means that we can cater for first time ‘accidental’ landlords and more experienced institutional landlords alike, with a bespoke service designed to fit your requirements. We take the process of marketing your investment very seriously using the latest technology to showcase the property you are trying to let so that we can attract the very best tenants. We take great pride in having an annual void period significantly lower than the national average, and we meticulously vet our tenants to ensure we are not recommending anyone to you that we wouldn’t put into our own homes.

Our longer opening hours and weekend availability means that we have a greater chance of attracting busy professional people, who quite simply often do not have the time to view or speak during normal office hours. We run through a detailed ‘move-in’ process taking great care to make sure tenants are aware of responsibilities and obligations, and further building a relationship that we hope will prove to be long term. With the average length of tenancy increasing and predictions that we could see average tenancies in excess of 24 months, the on-going relationship with your tenant is crucial to a smooth running a productive tenancy. We see many tenants go on to be future landlords and homeowners with Wentworth and Rose, something we are very proud of.